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About Anastasia


Anastasia is a Montreal-based web designer specializing in WordPress and Squarespace providing sliding scale website services to marginalized communities and low-income individuals.

Ancient history

Anastasia first sat down in front of a computer circa 1996. Although her abilities were limited at the time due to age (she was two), they have since developed drastically.

Later on, at age eight, Anastasia learned to use a search engine, and used it to find HTML tutorials. At one point, she even wrote an extended essay for her English class detailing the thrilling journey of learning the basics of coding. (Apologies to the teacher who had to read and grade that snooze of a piece.) Sometime around then, she got it in her head that she was going to become a programmer.

Recent history

In 2017, the dream was realized with a diploma from Concordia University in computer science with a concentration in software systems. This degree gave Anastasia a number of skills pertaining to frontend and backend development of web applications. While Anastasia firmly believes that any programming task involves a creative component, she also likes to keep her design skills sharp. That’s where you come in.

Need a website?

If you have a website project in mind that needs a skilled web designer, let’s talk!

Montreal sliding scale web designer Anastasia Bohdanova


Have a website idea but unsure where to start? Tell me about your vision and we can collaborate on bringing that idea to life in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


But what are aesthetics without functionality? Websites are not all content - some require knowledge of the inner workings to function. I've got that covered too.

Sliding scale rates

Are you low income or belong to a marginalized demographic? Let's talk about how to realize your project at an affordable cost.