Working with Anastasia to create a website for my podcast was a dream! She made sure she knew exactly what I had in mind, spoke about coding in terms I could understand and was equally mindful of aesthetic as of function. She was available to answer my questions about hosting and domains, security and readability. I look forward to working with Anastasia on other projects in the future!
Anastasia has a great sense of content flow and appropriate design choices in terms of colour and visuals. She was able to help out with every aspect of the website creation, from what to focus on in content editing to adjusting the layout to fit various screen sizes. The entire process was completely painless, which is something I rarely say as someone who doesn't know the first thing about putting a website online.

What I can do for you

I provide the following web design services:
  • I will come up with a website design for you that matches your aesthetic. This will be done in close collaboration with you – you will be providing feedback frequently until we have something we’re both happy with.
  • I will implement your website design using the best tools I have access to. I work frequently with WordPress, but I am open to using other tools as well.
  • I will advise you on content. I have an excellent grasp of what constitutes “too much” and what constitutes “not enough.”
  • I will adapt your site to various screens from desktop to mobile.
  • I will find and recommend visuals and graphics for your site.
  • I will advise you on the technical stuff. Unsure what HTTP vs HTTPS is? No idea what constitutes a good hosting package? I can help.

What I will not do for you

I do not provide the following services:

  • I will not write content for you. If you do not have ready-to-go website content, I can help you find a content writer who is not me.
  • I will not translate your website. If you are looking to make a multilingual site, it’s still up to you to provide content in all your desired languages, because while I do speak a handful of human languages in addition to computer ones, this is outside my area of expertise.
  • I will not maintain your site long-term unless it’s explicitly in our agreement. I will teach you to do basic maintenance yourself, but ongoing maintenance comes at an additional fee.
  • I will not create a site for you if I don’t fundamentally agree with its purpose. I will not help you promote oppressive messages.

The fun part - my rates!

My regular hourly rate is 50$/hr.

How long the work takes depends entirely on what kind of website you’re looking to make. Something that’s all content and images may be a relatively simple job, while something with a lot of functionality (such as a commerce site) may take several times as long. An average site takes 30 to 40 hours of work, or in other words, 1500$ to 2000$.

However, I do offer a sliding scale service for low-income and marginalized folks as well as non-profit organizations. If this sounds like a stretch of your budget, don’t hesitate to contact me to work something out!